Friday, 6 July 2007

Our priorities as a society.

The reason I have not contributed before is that I have been settling a "new" cat into my home.
Bob is a black-and-white mog of 16. It's not hard work, but requires constant attention to someone other than No.1! He has been very well cared for, but his previous owner went into a care home and could not take him, her companion since he was a kitten, with her.
Now I don't underestimate the difficulty of running a care home, but what does it say about us as a society? How do we treat old people? How do we treat old animals? Why can't they stay together if they want to? Quite a lot of my friends do not understand why I home elderly cats.
It is actually a good reminder of ageing and death, sometimes sad, but often good fun, with a lot of mutual love. My existing resident, Muffin, regarded Bob with suspicion at first. Perhaps there is something of that in human first meetings..... Now we are sitting together in the lounge watching the evening sky. Personally I owe a great deal to cats. When I was first ill, it was very difficult to settle in a house. Cats will show you how, especially if they are elderly and have spent a longish period in a rescue centre! They do tend to want to sit on your head while you meditate, though........ Thank you, Cats Protection, Ryde!

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