Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Your Story

Hiya, Hope all's well with you. I'm still getting used to life after walking. The Isle of Wight to Cape Wrath route, right up the centre of Britain, wearing my monk's robes and living out of my alms bowl, turned out to be a bit tougher than I expected. The week or so after the walk I felt absolutely feted by the people of Durness, the tiny village closest to my finish point. As I rested up and filled out again on full Scottish breakfasts, I was joined by Trysh, the Canadian writer who is making a book out of the whole event. We spent a week or so together, mapping out a plan for the book. There are various titles knocking about, my current favourite is "Seven Million Steps". The writing is due to take ten months and a publisher called John Wiley is interested in it. So hopefully before long it'll be on a bookshelf near you.

As we planned the book, I was very keen that it was your story. What I mean is that my experience of the journey confirmed for me the fact that kindness and generosity and goodwill are alive and well in Britain. Every step of the way was supported by that kindness in the most concrete way possible. So for me the walk was an ongoing good news story and it's really that story that I want to highlight. In fact I don't want to wait ten months to thank you for your support on so many levels. The whole experience continues to be incredibly inspiring.

And now I'm mostly in and around London. I'm looking for a base. I want to make available these wonderful things that I've been privileged to learn over the past sixteen years. I believe that not only can they transform individual lives, but that society as a whole will inevitably benefit from this transformation. If you know of anywhere that might serve as a base - even a little apartment or a room, I'd love to hear from you. I'll keep you posted on developments.

Wishing you an ongoing experience of that underlying kindness and generosity every single day.

More later, cheers Daizan

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