Saturday, 5 July 2008

What I Believe

"Believe nothing on the faith of traditions, even though they have been held in honour for many generations and in diverse places. Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it. Do not believe on the faith of the sages of the past. Do not believe what you yourself have imagined, persuading yourself that a God inspires you. Believe nothing on the sole authority of your masters or priests. After examination, believe what you yourself have tested and found to be reasonable, and conform your conduct thereto." ~ Gautama Buddha

Kalama Sutta

Faith in Awakening


  1. Hi,
    I'm just a casual visitor thru Rev Dhammika's blog. My daughter just presented me an oil painting done by a local artist which impressed me alot. I am surprised to find the picture in this post. May I know the source of this picture?

    Thank you.

    Justin Choo

  2. Hi Justin,

    I'm in the habit of saving any good images of the Buddha etc. that I come across as I surf. I found this one via Google images at

    Hope that's helpfull

  3. Thank you Steve for the info.