Monday, 23 February 2009

Book Review

Recently I've asked people if they would write a short review for any books that they might borrow from our West Wight Sangha library a catalogue of which can be found on the Dharma Studies Resources page. First up is one from Ken on "A Deeper Beauty" by Paramananda. Ken's approach has been to produce a bullet point list as this is how he normally picks out the main learning points of a book for him.

I've put a link to where the book can be purchased from Amazon but please remember that if you first go to the Burma Campaign UK web site and click on their Amazon link then any shopping you do on will raise money for the Burma Campaign UK. The Burma Campaign UK receives a percentage of the cost and you pay nothing extra!

A Deeper Beauty by Paramananda

He is a social worker in hospice. Doesn’t drive due to poor vision.

Because of the illusion of ‘self’ we tend to relate to the world with craving or aversion.

Notice your mind’s tendency to comment on everything – and let it go…

Exercise: ‘What will people say about me at my funeral?’, ‘What is important in my life?’. ‘What motivates me?’.

When sitting – focus on each of your six senses in turn and experience how wonderful they are.

If feeling resentful that we have to do something – SLOW DOWN and welcome the opportunity to practise. Try to spot your habitual, automatic thinking.

Sees his meditation practice as an attempt to bring equanimity and joy to his life.

We can miss what we are doing NOW, if we regard it as unimportant chore have to do to get to what we really want to do. But in the meantime we miss out on life going on NOW.

Ryokan being moved to tears by the beauty of a sunset.

Try to choose at least one activity everyday to slow down and undertake mindfully.

With meditation and observing our thoughts, we see that most of our thinking is unnecessary and can be let go of.

Mindfulness contains elements of curiosity and pleasure.

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