Friday, 31 July 2009

Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, Cittaviveka

On Sunday the West Wight Sangha teamed up with the Newport Soto Zen group to travel over to the North Island and visit the Buddhist monastery known as Cittaviveka, at Chithurst in Sussex. It is a monastery in the lineage of the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism. It was established in 1979 by Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho, who was the first abbot. Ajahn Sumedho now lives at Amaravati, north of London, and the current abbot is Ajahn Sucitto who was born in London in 1949 and became a bhikkhu in 1976. The resident community comprises some 20-25 monks, nuns and novices, as well as lay guests.

We all had a great day, presenting our offerings of food, receiving blessings, sharing a communal meal, wandering the beautiful buildings & grounds and then taking part in the "lay forum" lead by Sister Thitamedha, where the discussion subject was Right Speech.

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