Saturday, 22 August 2009

Buddhist Picnic, Latest News

As you should all know by now the 2009 Island Buddhist Picnic is at the Ventnor Botanic Gardens on Sunday 6th. of September, starting at 12:30.
We will be using the meadow area to the rear of the gardens, the best option is to enter the gardens through the Visitor Centre then turn right and head for the Children's Play Area then carry on through to the grassed area and keep on going till you meet some Buddhists!

This very special event is open to Buddhists, their families and friends ( and pets too!), please bring vegetarian food to share (and any games you fancy).

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The path to the left of the pond

(if you're facing the Visitor Centre)

takes you straight to the Children's Play Area.

I've asked and it's o.k. so we might have some sign posts to the picnic area from there on. If it does rain we are hoping that we will be able to use the Canna room in the Visitor Centre as we did last year.

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