Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Great Day at Haylands

Many thanks to Palaka for a fascinating day of Dharma study and reflective mediation at Haylands on Sunday. Palaka's theme for the day was the six realms of existence as depicted in the (Tibetan) "Wheel of Life". He explained the wheel primarily from the perspective of us all finding ourselves in one, or several, of the realms every day and emphasised the presence of the Buddha in all of the realms showing a way out of each of them.

For an informative, interactive version of the wheel of becoming goto  "Interactive Wheel of Life"

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  1. Thanks to all who came on Sunday! I felt that we actually did it: we moved beyond the head...and into the heart, where the motivation comes from. Relating to the Wheel as a symbol opened new layers of significance that describing the individual parts can only hint at. And the significance seemed personal to each of us and to stir and inspire. Thank you for inviting me. May all beings be well and happy.