Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"Dalai Lama" Mantra - a Correction!

I'm embarrassed to report that our previous posting Dalai Lama's Healing Mantra is incorrect. The mantra is in fact not chanted by his Holiness but by Hein Braat, a , self effacing Dutchman whose devotion to chant and mantra has over many years produced many extraordinary versions of some of the most sacred chants and beloved mantras in the canon of mantra.

When Hein was told that this version of his recording was making the rounds and people were coming out and saying that the voice of the Dalai Lama was healing them, he became very concerned.

Not because of the fact that they thought it was the Dalai Lama's voice - but that if they subsequently knew that it was not his voice but Hein Braat's, their healing might drop away and they would become ill again!

Also the chant is from the Veda, which is Hindu not Buddhist. Tri-ambaka-m is the three-eyed one e.g. Lord Shiva.


  1. Dear friends,
    I think for your sake it would be good to get clear on how this mistake happened and pull the mistake off the web.
    Acting with meticulous intention is part of the dharma, and the mistake was so obvious that it is hard to imagine there was no intent behind it.
    And it's never too late to get straight.
    Ram Giri

  2. I've left it as it is so that people can see the correction, the original post having an obvious hyperlink to this one.