Sunday, 17 January 2010

Haiti & Tzu Chi

I'm sure that many of you have, or are intending to, donate aid for the victims of the Haitian earthquake. Here in the U.K. our first port of call for donations is to the DEC, (Disasters Emergency Committee) which is made up of 13 member agencies who provide humanitarian aid in times of disaster.

The 13 member agencies are:

* ActionAid
* British Red Cross
* Care International UK
* Christian Aid
* Concern Worldwide
* Help the Aged
* Islamic Relief
* Merlin
* Oxfam
* Save the Children
* Tearfund
* World Vision

You might also consider donating to Tzu Chi, the Taiwan based Buddhist relief organisation founded by Master Cheng Yen.

Tzu Chi Foundation was established in 1966 by Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen on the poor east coast of Taiwan. For over 43 years, the foundation has been contributing to better social and community services, medical care, education and humanism in Taiwan and around the world. From the first 30 members, housewives who saved two cents from their grocery money each day to help the poor, the foundation has volunteers in 47 countries , with 345 offices worldwide.

Master Cheng Yen firmly believes that suffering in this world is caused not only by material deprivation but, more importantly, also by spiritual poverty. She feels that the lack of altruistic love for others has been the root of many problems in this world. Thus, the foundation’s guiding principle on charity is to “help the poor and educate the rich.”

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