Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More Bhikkuni News - not good

I've just come across this latest news re: the Bhikkhuni situation with regard to the U.K. monasteries of the Thai Forest tradition. This is from Thanissara writing on the "Women and the Forest Sangha" Facebook group......

Regards web communication. Those who are corresponding with monastics within the UK based monasteries that have the address should be aware that the correspondence is not private - those who signed the petition as monastics within the UK have been subjected to reprisals from within the system. One should use other emails addresses (not for correspondence with monastics in the UK so as not to complicate their situation.

Sad, so very sad........


  1. This is no news, this is slander.

  2. If it were untrue it would be libel, it's written not said. If no actions have been directed against signatories of the petition then it would indeed be untrue. However Ajahn Sujato, on his blog in "A recent Siladhara ordination" says "When a siladhara put her name to the bhikkhuni petition, she found later that monks had placed the petition on her door, with her name circled in red."