Sunday, 26 September 2010

Whatever Happened to the Qur'ans pastor Terry Wanted to Burn

Remember the Qur'an burning (about to) pastor in the United States?

Well the controversy may have faded, but Terry Jones now faces the cost of his proposed Koran-burning rally.

Authorities said security for this month's cancelled event -- originally planned on the anniversary of Sept. 11 has cost the city of Gainesville in Florida $200,000. And the 50-member church will likely be forced to pay up.

And if you think that it has nothing to do with us pastor Jones stated in a deposition he made at a trial in which he was a witness that,

"We would actually consider all religions of the Devil except Christianity".

Q. And you believe that everything that is not from god is of the devil. Is that right?
A. Yeah, I guess so. Uh-huh. Then again, it depends on what you're talking about. I don't believe necessarily baseball is from the devil because it's not from god. But I mean, basically in general, I believe that if it's not from god, it's from the devil. Right.
Q. Is Hinduism of the devil?
A. Yes, of course.
Q. Buddhism?
A. Yeah.
Q. How about Judaism?
A. Yes.

So that's us in the frame as well, something, that personally, I'm proud of given the circumstance, it's nice to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.

As to the actual condemned Qur'ans themselves, they've been picked up by another bunch of evangelists. Reverend Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition (CDC), plans to distribute the Qur'ans to churches and Christian leaders who promise to keep them as a reminder to pray for Muslims and share with them the love of Christ.

Mind you, who is this devil character anyway and as for the god one I haven't a clue.

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