Saturday, 18 December 2010

Warehouse for Cows in Lincolnshire

Following immediately on the heels of the previous post I received an email from one of our Sangha members drawing attention to the proposal to build an American style cow factory farm here in the U.K. This is all about maximising food production to feed our own ever-growing population.

The businesses behind the deal have just handed their new planning application to the local council in Lincolnshire. They seem to be trying to be clever with their timing. They're worried that if enough people can be alerted to sign the petition against this, it could scupper their plans.

According to a representative from Nocton Dairies, one of the firms behind the plan, “Cows do not belong in fields.” If, like me, you are appalled and disgusted by this and the proposed factory warehousing 8100 cows in one building please consider signing the petition at

To read more about "zero grazing" systems and this story visit the Compassion in World Farming website.

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