Saturday, 19 March 2011

FULL MOON – Saturday 19th February 2011

All pollution is cleared
from the minds of those who are vigilant, training themselves day and night and whose lives are fully intent upon liberation.

Dhammapada verse 226

If we are confident about the path and direction in which we travel, we won’t spend time in aimless wandering. Hence the Teachings encourage us to be vigilant. Energy and devotion to spiritual practice, however, are not enough. Our lives need to be directed towards the right goal – experiencing for ourselves the state of perfect freedom from suffering. As we travel along the path, we can check to see if our progress and direction are correct by observing the pollutions of mind. Greed, ill will, laziness, anxiety and hesitation, are they diminishing or are they increasing? We get to know the reality of the pollutions as and when they appear. We will learn about their disappearance, here and now, in the same way.

With Metta,

Ajahn Munindo

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