Monday, 17 October 2011

World Vegan Day

As a Buddhist site we often post on issues of animal welfare, one of our Sangha members is a committed Vegan and forwarded this item from the Vegan Society on World Vegan Day.

World Vegan Month is nearly here.

It is time to put up posters in public places, share vegan cakes, take a non-vegan to a vegan festival, and talk to your local newspapers and radio.

World Vegan Day is Tuesday 1 November 2011, launching global vegan celebrations throughout November (World Vegan Month) – take a look at our major events listings on

Get in touch for our two new FREE posters, Because you do care, and World Vegan Day: you can see them at: (plus our great selection of FREE colour leaflets).

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  1. This is the most wonderful information I have ever read. World Vegan Day is the fairest day for animals.

    I recomended that book for all followers of non-violence You can free download from:

    May all beings be free!