Friday, 6 April 2012

Full MOON - Friday 6th April 2012

Like an elephant in battle
withstands arrows,
I choose to endure
verbal attacks from others.

Dhammapada v.320

When the going gets tough we are free to make the choice to endure, if
we wish. Or, we could choose to react. Nobody outside of ourselves has
the authority to force us in either direction. At times, when our
untrained habits of reactivity flare up, it can certainly feel like
someone or something else is in charge. We say, 'I was taken over by
something', or 'I was besides myself', which means I lost perspective.
The Buddha never lost perspective. This is not to say he didn't have
to deal with some serious unpleasantness. He did. And he made the
choice to endure it rather than react. He was fully aware – fully
awake to reality – and he knew he had the authority to make that
choice. It helps us to consider that we have it too.

With Metta,

Bhikkhu Munindo

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