Monday, 25 February 2013

FULL MOON - Monday 25th February 2013

It is not easy to be born as a human being and to live this mortal life.
It is not easy to have the opportunity to hear Dhamma and rare for a Buddha to arise.

Dhp. v. 182

In terms of here and now, we are born as human beings whenever we have mindfulness and integrity. Because of our tendencies to compromise Dhamma principles, this task does become difficult. Following preferences is much easier. However, to merely follow liking and disliking is not to live as we could be living. We could be reflecting on cause and effect: what happened last time I allowed myself to become lost in experience. The reason it is hard to hear Dhamma is because having followed liking and disliking for so long, we have created obstructions. We are fortunate these days to have ready access to Dhamma. In the Buddha’s time, when his disciples heard him speak, some were enlightened there and then, by listening to Dhamma. Why can’t we listen in the same way, get the message and drop the burden? If we did that, the 'Buddha' would appear here and now.

With Metta,
Bhikkhu Munindo

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  1. Hello,

    Can you help? Some weeks ago I'm sure I saw a post on this blog concerning a Buddhist meditation group starting in Ryde? If memory serves, the post mentioned that details would soon appear on your calendar. I have seen nothing yet and for the life of me I can't find the original post anymore! Am I being blind or perhaps I saw the post on another site!

    Thank you.