Sunday, 7 April 2013

Grand National - No Horses Killed

For the last two years we have had to report on the sad deaths of horses in the Grand National, Sport, Greed and Dead Horses in 2011 and last year More Dead Horses..........

Fortunately it appears that changes made to the racetrack following the tragic loss of life have proved successful and this year there were no fatalities.  

Aintree racecourse and the RSPCA both hailed the changes that have been made to the Grand National course. The 2013 Grand National passed without any injuries to horses or riders, and only two falls. All 40 runners also cleared the first seven fences for the first time in National history. 

"I was in tears down there," David Muir, the equine consultant to the RSPCA, "because I've never seen the Grand National run that well, where horses jump fences, even when they were tired, and continued in the race. I am over the moon that they've all got back safely because that's what it's all about, as far as I'm concerned. I didn't even know who'd won the race but I know they all got back. I counted them in."

The race was watched by over 9 million people and over £150 million were bet on it.

So all we need to now is for all the other courses to make the same compassionate effort for the horses safety and well-being.

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