Thursday, 9 May 2013

NEW MOON - Thursday 9th May 2013

If birds are trapped in a net,
only a few will ever escape.
In this world of illusion,
only a few see their way to liberation.
Dhammapada v. 174

 It’s an advantage to have a variety of ‘skilful means’ at hand as we go forward in practice. Remember, the deluded personality will employ powerfully persuasive arguments in its attempts to maintain self-importance. We need an extensive repertoire of skills to meet these arguments. If it is tranquillity that is called for, then we could put effort into honing down our ability to focus more precisely. Or it might be that further study of the traditional teachings is what quells the doubt that disturbs us. At another time it is a trusted, respect friend that we need, to talk things over with before we learn the lesson of letting go. Or perhaps we should find someone who shows us how to adjust our posture so we don’t get a headache every time we sit. Or someone who shows us what transformative patience looks like. Then again, it could be a good long walk in the country, followed by a nice cup of tea, which helps us to drop whatever is bothering us. Agility!

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