Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Talks by Vishvapani

Over the last five weeks the BBC’s Today program has featured a series of Thought for the Day talks by the Buddhist author, Vishvapani, who is a member of the Triratna western Buddhist group. The talks are all available to listen to and download in our Audio Section.

Wesak, Saturday, May 25th
The May full moon, the festival of Wesak. Vishvapani spoke of the recent violence in Woolwich and around the World and the relevance of the Buddha's enlightenment.

Following the News, or Not. Saturday, June 1st
In this talk Vishvapani discusses how we can become obsessed with following "the news" and what our reactions can be.

The Divine Messages of Old Age, Disease and Death. Saturday, June 8th
The Divine Messengers lead us to trust in those things that bring lasting fulfilment.

"Buddhist" Nationalist Violence. Saturday, June 22nd
Vishvapani discusses the phenomenon of "Buddhist" nationalist violence.

You can also see the video 'Seeking The Buddha Through History' by Vishvapani in our Video Section.

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