Monday, 8 July 2013

NEW MOON - Sunday 7th July 2013

The Right Amount

Not insulting, not harming,
cultivating restraint
with respect for the training,
modesty in eating and contentment
with one's dwelling place,
devotion to mindful intent:
this is the Teaching of the Buddha.

Dhammapada v.185

Modesty and contentment are not part of consumer culture. They are however part of Buddhist culture. It is true that we need enthusiasm and energy, commitment and concentration, if we wish to reach the goal of liberation. But too much of these ‘hard virtues’ and we create unnecessary obstructions for ourselves. When we are mindful there is a chance we will know if we are out of balance and adjust accordingly. The ‘soft virtues’ of contentment, modesty, humility, are less attractive to our spiritual egos, but they might just be what are needed to drop the burden.

With Metta, Bhikkhu Munindo

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