Thursday, 12 September 2013

Buddhist Picnic

It's becoming a tradition that it pours down for the annual Buddhist picnic and this year was no different. However for those few brave souls who made it to the Duver in St. Helens there was a clear (ish) slot in the weather for us to enjoy the event.

As always this is a great chance to meet up socially with people from the other Buddhist groups on the island and was enjoyed by new members and those for whom it was their first visit to the Duver venue. Being my first visit, it was a relief to find the "famous" oak tree which is the meeting point, it's not very big but it's the only one managing to grow on the sandy spit that is the Duver.

Some of the hardy picnickers, we did get some strange looks from passersby but hey, we're British!


  1. Hi,

    I am visiting the Isle of Wight after many years in Thailand and would like the opportunity to meet with the West Wight Sangha.

    I have been apart of my Sangha here in Chiang Mai Thailand for around 2 years. Could you send me a timetable of October and if it would be ok for me to come along?

    Sorry to comment here. I could no find an email.

    Be well.


    1. Hi Anthony, if you could please supply your email address I will send you details. Don't worry I'll pick it up without publishing it here (moderated before posting).