Saturday, 15 March 2014

FULL MOON – Saturday 15th March 2014


Tasting the flavour of solitude
and the nectar of peace,
those who drink the joy 
that is the essence of reality 
abide free from fear of evil. 

Dhammapada v. 205

Physicians advise us to nourish the body by eating healthily and taking regular exercise. The Buddha advises us to nourish the heart with Truth. If we allow ourselves to become too busy, we forget how rejuvenating it can be to spend time alone; to take time for ourselves. A sense of discontent gradually increases until we believe we are inherently lacking. This perception might please the consumer culture but it doesn’t give us inner strength. Spiritual practice sometimes involves daring to take less and trusting in our heart’s natural, undefiled state.

With Metta,
Bhikkhu Munindo

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