Wednesday, 17 June 2015

This is Wrong - Please Tell Them................

I make no apologies for this item or the images it contains, please, please sign the attached petitions.

This coming Monday it is the annual Yulin dog-eating festival in China.

Yes, that's right DOG EATING FESTIVAL. Up to 10,000 dogs and 10,000 cats are estimated to be killed each year during the barbarous event. The festival, which takes place in Guangxi province is not actually traditional but was invented five years ago by dog meat traders to boost business.

In preparation for the festival, the Humane Society International has filmed thousands of animals, many of them pets still wearing collars, being seized from the streets.

The society is asking supporters to sign its petition to China’s Guangxi Party Secretary Peng Qinghua.

The society claims up to 10million dogs a year are slaughtered in China to fuel the appetite for their flesh, although it insists many Chinese oppose the barbaric practice.

The authorities in Yulin have officially banned the festival after bad publicity but it is still going on. They introduced tactics such as stopping dog meat trucks entering the area and removing the words 'dog meat' from restaurant menus.

But despite the tough clamp down, many in the city still have an appetite for canine food, which is a lucrative industry. Chinese myths claim eating evil dog meat can rid the body of evil spirits and can provide a boost to sexual performance.

There is also the Care2 petition you can also sign.

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