Sunday, 27 September 2015

Full, Eclipsed Super Blood Moon - Self Regard

Not only is tonight a Full Moon Puja but tonight's moon is a "Super Moon" and ALSO will be eclised by the Earth passing between the Sun and the Moon producing a "Blood Moon".

With reference to our previous posting, apocalyptic statements by a Mormon author have only heightened fears among Mormon followers and other christians about the looming end of time. The eclipse will give the moon a red tint and make it look larger than usual, in an event that will not happen again for 18 years.

If we hold ourselves dear,
then we maintain careful self-regard
both day and night.

Dhammapada 157

It is common sense to want to take care of ourselves. It is also what the Dhamma teaches us to do. However, it is possible to interpret the Buddhist teachings as saying we should forget all about ourselves; that any thought of self is to be dismissed. This verse says quite the opposite is the case. Taken from what is known as the Attavagga, or the section in the Dhammapada on Self, we are specifically encouraged to develop careful self-regard. We are told that paying attention to ourselves in the right way at the right time can lead to knowing directly, beyond speculation, that which brings true benefit and that which brings harm. The Buddha wanted us to know that which is ultimately beneficial – perfect understanding and limitless compassion.

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