Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New Buddhist Group Starting in Ryde!

I have been in communication with Meme who is starting a Buddhist Meet Up group in Ryde.

Her spiritual journey started many years ago. she is a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher and Complementary Therapist.

Since moving to the Island a year ago, she explored the idea of joining a Buddhist group; this, alongside the Sea of course, was one of the main reasons for her relocation. She found that despite there being a thriving Buddhist Community on the Island, there didn't appear to be a group which meets weekly, in Ryde.

The aim of the Meet Up, is to initially bring like-minded people in the area together, and have a relaxed chat over a cup of Coffee. It's her future intention to find a quiet venue, and set up a Sangha community in the Ryde area, where fellow Buddhists can meditate and explore the Dharma together.

Initially, meetings will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 2pm - 3.30pm at the Bagel Wrap, 61a Union Street, Ryde, PO33 2LG, STARTING THIS SATURDAY THE 16th!

The group will be non denominational and of gentle form. A typical session will consist of a period of silent meditation, a break for tea, a recorded talk from the Gaia House Dharma Teachers, a further period of silent meditation and a Metta prayer to end the session.

She hopes to see you soon (her website is http://www.innercalm.info).

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