Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tibet & the Olympic Torch - a Buddhist Comment

Before I get into this post I want to reiterate the statement that I made in a previous post, "It is Not the purpose of this blog to campaign on political issues, however as a Buddhist site we will continue to promote peace and the welfare of all beings by any appropriate non-violent means".

All of the previous postings, on the subjects of first Burma and now Tibet, have been to promote dialogue and engagement, to arouse Local and International awareness of the situation faced by the Burmese and Tibetan peoples and to encourage the use of democratic, peaceful pressure on the various politicians and authorities involved. So why Tibet and Burma? Well, this is a Buddhist blog and they are both Buddhist countries. This site is not a journalistic powerhouse, a Times or Guardian online, and so we are concentrating on those subjects that fall within our area of interest and, whereas in Buddhist terms that territory is having concern and compassion for all beings with equanimity, we can only do so much within the pages of this site. So what is our remit? This blog is intended as a conduit for information on the Buddha's teachings and other matters of a general Buddhist nature, primarily for the use of the West Wight Sangha and other Buddhist groups on the Isle of Wight. Beyond this we try to look at things from a British slant to keep it relevant to people here in the U.K. and to make it of interest to visitors from around the World.

Talking of which, the torch came to London. Protests were enthusiastic but peaceful, the policing was what I believe is called "robust" and Gordon Brown looked a prat.

Talking about the police, didn't "our boys in blue" look great and what a brilliant job they did controlling the British public!

All this being said, one can already see that the actions of the protesters are producing a reaction. The ordinary Chinese citizen is having to wait many hours to see the TV pictures of the demonstrations, they are insulated from the World media and World opinion. Their information comes from state controlled sources, and as a nation China is suspicious of the "West". Typical feelings are that there is a plot to sabotage the games and belittle China. The Chinese are a proud people with a huge country and just starting to flex their economic muscle, they are becoming a major player on the World stage. All of these factors show that we must start talking, dialogue and engagement, recognition of the truth of what is really happening ...... friendship are the only things which will bring peace to Tibet, Burma, China and the World. If you push people they push back. if you force totalitarian regimes to react they react with force.

Maybe the last comment should be left to this little girl with a flag ............ the Union Flag is upside down, a signal of distress.

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