Thursday, 17 April 2008

Where is that Torch?

As the Olympic Torch seems to have dropped out of the news, at least here in the UK, I thought you might like to know where it's been and where it's going to next.
Date City Country
March 25 Olympia Flag of Greece Greece
March 30 Athens
March 31 Beijing Flag of the People's Republic of China China
April 2 Almaty Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
April 3 Istanbul Flag of Turkey Turkey
April 5 St.Petersburg Flag of Russia Russia
April 6 London Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
April 7 Paris Flag of France France
April 9 San Francisco Flag of the United States United States
April 11 Buenos Aires Flag of Argentina Argentina
April 13 Dar es Salaam Flag of Tanzania Tanzania
April 14 Muscat Flag of Oman Oman
April 16 Islamabad Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
April 17 New Delhi Flag of India India
April 19 Bangkok Flag of Thailand Thailand
April 21 Kuala Lumpur Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
April 22 Jakarta Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
April 24 Canberra Flag of Australia Australia
April 26 Nagano Flag of Japan Japan
April 27 Seoul Flag of South Korea South Korea
April 28 Pyongyang Flag of North Korea North Korea
April 29 Ho Chi Minh City Flag of Vietnam Vietnam

Then it's on to the Peoples Republic, not forgetting
June 19 Shannan Prefecture Tibet
June 20 Lhasa
So no trouble there then,

but if you want to see a fascinating insight into how Chinese public opinion is molded have a look at the China Daily Website.

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