Sunday, 18 May 2008

New Feature, Old Feature

Some of you who are regular visitors to this blog will recall that we recently featured a utility called "Snap-Shots" which popped up with a square "talk bubble" with a view of the linked site/page when the mouse hovered over that link. You will also have noticed it isn't here anymore! I was starting to get a little irritated by "bubbles" popping up every time I went near a link and decided to modify Snap-Shots by only having the bubble triggered by the little icon that appeared at the end of the link, I did that and voila it all stopped working! I might try to resurrect it if I have time (so that's probably a no).

The "new feature" mentioned in the title can be seen in a post below, it's called "Clipmarks" and is a way to assemble a disparate selection of copies from elsewhere on the Web and post them directly to your own blog. You're limited to 1,000 characters, so it's just a taster, there's a link to the original site at the top and the title can be a link to the specific page/item. It does have a different feel to the normal style of this blog and I might try to change that, but after the previous experience I might just leave well alone............

Day Eighteen of the Burma Video Campaign

Oh! I almost forgot.... CONGRATS to our Mainland neighbours in Pompey for winning the F.A. Cup yesterday!

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