Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Suu Kyi's house arrest extended

I've been on the "North Island" for a couple of days and out of blogging range but hey, you know what, nothing changes. Well actually for a moment I thought that it might have. In Burma there has been the loosening of strict controls on foreign aid workers pressing for unfettered access to the disaster zone. In an apparent breakthrough, Burma's reclusive leader, Gen. Than Shwe, told visiting UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Friday that he would be more flexible on access, a stance echoed by other Burmese government officials at an international donors' conference held Sunday in the commercial capital Rangoon (Yangon)..... Read More

............ And then Today the reformed cuddly humanitarians of the military junta announce that they are keeping their elected Prime Minister in detention against their own laws...... Read More

As I'm playing catch-up here are days Twenty Four,

Twenty Five,

Twenty Six

and Twenty Seven

of the Burma Video Campaign, day 26 is with Joseph Fiennes, I've heard of him.

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