Sunday, 22 June 2008

Talks by Ayya Khema

Since initial writing this post Ayya Khema's talks have been uploaded to Dharma Seed. All 474 talks are available at this link Ayya Khema Talks.

I have just come across a site selling audio tapes of talks by Ayya Khema. The price is $8 per tape including P&P but as this is a U.S. site I have no idea how that works for the rest of us. The site lists over 400 talks and if you would like a taster, one given at Gaia House in Devon, is in Mp3 format and can be downloaded for free.

Ayya Khema is one of my favourite Buddhist writers and I had some part in providing Mp3 talks of hers for the kalyanamitta site which is run by Bo Schafers the webmaster for the Buddhist Society of Western Australia site (right up there as one of my fave sites). So for anyone on the Island who is interested, I can provide 46 of Ayya Khema's talks on disc (if you don't have my contact details leave a note in the Comments below).

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