Monday, 14 September 2009

Three New Features

I've just added three new features to the site. To commemorate Blogger's 10th birthday they've released a whole crop of new widgets. The first that I went for is a "Jump Break" that allows for a "Read More" facility whereby a long post can show just a snippet and then a link to display the rest. Try it out and see about the other two new features here.

The next new widget is for a "Label Cloud". If you look to the top of the right hand green column you will see a slide-show of views of the West Wight and immediately below that the Label Cloud. Label clouds are a popular way to display label lists, the more frequently used labels appear in a bigger font than the less used ones. This replaces the previous widget, a third party drop-down label list.

The third new feature is "Reactions" and can be found right at the bottom of this, and every, post. As you can see, it consists of a row of tick boxes where you can register your opinion as to whether you think the post is Interesting, Cool or Dull. If anyone has any ideas for other categories let me know or any comments on the other new features.

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