Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Election, an Ethical Minefield

I recently received an email from a Buddhist friend from one of the other groups here on the Island quite rightly taking me to task over a recent posting. It was the one regarding the forth coming election, I felt at the time that I was opening an ethical "can of worms" from a Buddhist perspective.

Having pointed to the short comings of the present administration in their rush to follow America into not one but two wars my friend went on to say.....

"It seems to me that no one political party is in line with Buddhist ethics and it might be unhelpful if bias were to be read in by inference in the highlighting the unskillful acts of one whilst remaining silent on the shortfall of those of others.

Yet the very democracy afforded by the party political system is what gives us the right to free speech. A veritable minefield me thinks!"

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