Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Inequality of Women in Buddhism

In the latest edition of BuddhaDharma there are a number of articles on the subject of full female ordination, the Bhikkhuni question. The first is by three former Buddhist nuns—Thanissara, Jitindriya, and Elizabeth Day, and is entitled "The Time Has Come". The second, "That Was Then, This Is Now" is by Buddhist scholar Janet Gyatso and the last is a report by Llundup Damcho on the Seventeeth Karmapa’s vow to reinstate full ordination for women in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is titled, “I will do it”.

On the same subject there is an excellent article on the same subject, again by Thanissara, in the latest edition of Present, which is published by the "Alliance for Bhikkhunis". It is, "Take it or Leave it and the Ground Between" and is downloadable from this link as a PDF file.

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