Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Island Buddhist Calendar Grows!

Meeting up with friends from the other Buddhist groups on the Island for events such as the Annual Buddhist Picnic and now for our new Wesak get-together is always a pleasure. It also gives us all an opportunity to kick some ideas around. As a result both the Ryde Meditation group and the Lake Community of Interbeing are now putting their meeting and event details onto our "Island Buddhist Calendar" (first link button at top of page). 

So far we have only been displaying details for the West Wight Sangha and the Newport Soto Zen group but this is a great step to rolling the calendar out as an Island wide resource. Mark informs me that both the Ryde and Lake groups have also posted their details onto the Council Website as a result of our discussion (the entries should appear in a few days time after verification by the Isle of Wight Council).

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