Thursday, 29 July 2010

Female Ordination, Another View

Mae ji in Bangkok
Some of you may have noticed that there were some comments being added to our posts. A whole crop of them were in Chinese saying strange things like Things were going to be cautious, be patient in adversity............, but on  closer examination I found that the trailing "..........." after the comment was actually a link, I'll leave you to imagine to what sort of site!

The following however is in English and relates to one of our postings re: the vexed question of Full female ordination, More on "Nun" Ordinations at Amaravati. Our policy is to welcome all comments as long as they're not an excuse to link to other sites of an inappropriate nature.
Anonymous said...
The Five Points perfectly make sense in a Theravada Buddhist monastic setting and appear to be very meaningful in the way that they will really contribute to achieving the goal of nibbana in this very life for the women thus ordained.

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