Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tick the Box for Buddhism

Yesterday I received a publicity pack for the "Tick the Box for Buddhism" campaign being run by NBO, the network of Buddhist organisations. The 2011 Census will take place on the 27th of March and will be asking the question "What is your religion?".

As the NBO say in their campaign material "Many thousands of British people support or live by the teachings of Buddhism in various ways: they may meditate, practise mindfulness, agree with the Buddhist approach to life - and still prefer to avoid labelling themselves Buddhist. This is very understandable."

It's important however for the Government to know the depth and scale of this commitment that people have made in their lives especially as there are rumours of this being the last ever national census. If they know how many of us there are our voice will carry more weight.

Personally I do not call Buddhism a "religion", but I will still be ticking the box. This is a story we will be coming back to.............

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