Thursday, 17 February 2011

We're All in this Together? - a Buddhist Perspective

Keeping it topical, here's a talk on Buddhist economics by Kavyasiddhi. The banks have started
to announce their bonuses for the year, Barclay's stated that their total bonus pool has decreased - in consideration to Project Merlin, the bank said - by seven per cent to £3.4bn

However, because of the inclusion of bonuses which had been deferred from previous years, total performance-related pay increased by 25 per cent to £3.5bn. On top of this basic pay has increased for investment Bankers. Average pay per employee at Barclays Capital, the investment banking arm of Barclays, rose to £236000 even as the bank insisted it had cut its bonus pool in line with the Project Merlin deal.

So Kavyasiddhi's talk, "All in this together - is it time for a Buddhist economics?" is relevant and timely. (Kavyasiddhi is a member of the Manchester branch of Triratna formerly known as the FWBO , you may remember her singing the Heart Sutra on our Video Page)


Take small account of might, wealth and fame, for they soon pass and are forgotten. Instead, nurture love within you and and strive to be a friend to all. Truly, compassion is a balm for many wounds.

Dhammavadaka Sutra

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