Friday, 9 March 2012

53rd Anniversary of the Tibet National Uprising

Further to a recent email from Jenny in Cowes I can report that tomorrow, Saturday 10th
March, it’s the 53rd Anniversary of the Tibet National Uprising. Jenny has asked Mr Jackman who is known locally as the Flag Man and lives along the Northwood to Cowes Road if he will fly the Tibetan National Flag in honour of this day, to which he has very kindly agreed. Mr Jackman has a huge collection of national flags which he displays atop a flagpole prominently positioned in his front garden

Therefore, if you are driving in the vicinity on Saturday, you will see the Red and Yellow flag with two Snow Lions proudly flying as jenny's contribution to advertising the Tibetans plight and for all the Tibetans who are not allowed to fly their National Flag in their own country.

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