Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Population Question - a Comment and More

Again in relation to an earlier post I felt I should highlight this comment from Richard (A Quiet Watercourse), on our item, Civilisation faces ‘perfect storm of ecological and social problems’.

"Overconsumption and the ever rising population are the major factors in the coming storm, we have too many people and not enough resources. This will be very apparent in our oil supply before anything else, indeed, it can already be seen.

The above post is great, I'd like to add that we also need to act to limit the power and influence of greedy multinationals, let's not overlook the role of the corporations in trampling all over everything."

Richard rightly identifies the probability, if not certainty, of conflicts arising over our ever diminishing resources. As he points out this may well involve corporate big business as well as nation states.

Ray Parchelo, in a paper entitled "A Mind to Fight: Conflict Resolution and Buddhist Practices", has this to say......

Buddhist teaching begins with an affirmation of an inseparability of all beings and a commitment to non-harm. It constructs all conflict as a mis-perception, one which contributes to the suffering experienced by all. Hence it seeks resolution through awakening to the shared experiences and purposes of all parties.

Basically, "we're all in it together".

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