Wednesday, 17 October 2012

British Troops Converting to Buddhism

Buddhism is experiencing a huge upswing in the armed forces, according to reports. Since 2005, the number of servicemen and women practising Buddhism has risen from 200 to 3,800. Out of which 2,800 are Gurkhas, whose home nation Nepal has pockets of Buddhism, the Daily Mail reported.

And the other 1,000 are British, many of whom converted after joining military service.

It is thought that the reason behind this upward swing is that Buddhism allows service personnel to escape the stresses and strains of military life.

"Buddhism has a different perspective about things," Dr Sunil Kariyakarawana, the Buddhist chaplain for the armed forces, said.

"The military is a very stressful place. People go to war, that is one factor, and have to fight. Personnel see a lot of suffering in theatre. People are finding that Buddhism can help with these mental agonies.
"It is laid back and they can practise their own way," he added.

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