Tuesday, 30 October 2012

FULL MOON - Tuesday 30th October 2012

There is no fear if the heart
is uncontaminated by the passions
and the mind is free from ill-will.
Seeing beyond good and evil, one is awake.

Dhammapada v. 39

The idea of fearlessness is deeply appealing. However, rather than seeing it as a remote goal somewhere out there, could we consider it as the most natural state within? From such a perspective, the states of fear we regularly endure can be considered as unnatural; not who and what we are. Surely it is unawareness that allows greed and resentment to contaminate our hearts, giving rise to fear. If we further add fuel to these fires thinking, 'It shouldn't be this way', this doesn't help. What does help is to make the right kind of effort to develop awareness and trust in the Buddha's Awakening.

With Metta, Bhikkhu Munindo

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