Monday, 18 March 2013

Buddhist Business in Newport?

Here's an item that caught my eye, "Newport web business runs to Buddha’s rules", but it transpires that the Newport in question is not our own County town and "capital" of the Isle of Wight but the one in Gwent, South Wales.

The story is from the South Wales Argus..........................

A BUDDHIST company has put its values in to practice with daily meditation sessions.

MettaEngine a new web design and development company based on bridge Street, Newport, is run by a Buddhist team who carry out their daily work while following the Buddha’s five precepts.

The company, which was set up last year, was devised by the Triratna Buddhist organisation, an international fellowship of Buddhists, founded on the Right Livelihood five precepts of Buddhism - helping others, not lying, truthful speech, no intoxicants and no sexual misdemeanours.

Right Livelihood also includes helping others and generosity, while trying to prevent harmful effects on nature and natural resources.

The office includes a dedicated meditation room where staff are expected to spend their mornings and lunchtimes meditating.

Managing director William Elworthy said: "Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and develop a calmer and more equanimous disposition.

The Buddhists meditate for 20-40 minutes depending on how busy they are and the mediation room includes a small statue of a buddha, called a Rupa, and has incense and candles.
The buddhists sit on cushions on the floor and chant in either a three or seven fold puja, where respects are paid to the Buddha, Sanga and Dharma. The Sevenfold Puja is a ritual in which Buddhists recite verse and chant mantras with the to transform our intellectual understanding into an emotional experience.
Graham Shimell, creative director, said: "The idea behind the business is that we want to run a business that is ethical and bring the spiritual life in to Buddhism."

Now, Mr Elworthy is keen for the Buddhists of Newport to see the business as a outreach post and will invites members of the community to take part in a six-week beginners course on Buddhism. The company also intended to give a percentage of its money to good causes.

For more information, or to take part in the meditation sessions, call 01633 530052.

So how about some Buddhist businesses for Newport, Isle of Wight?

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