Monday, 11 March 2013

NEW MOON - Monday 11th March 2013

Neither mother, father
nor any member of a family
can give you the blessings generated
by your own well-directed heart.

 Dhp. v. 43

If the heart is well-directed, we feel there is something we can fall back on when things get difficult. If we experience despair, disappointment, disillusionment, the heart doesn’t have to sink into hopelessness. Neither does it have to seek security in hope. The refuge we can fall back on is not any thing or any state at all; it is a way. Having looked into the consequences of grasping for long enough, we now seek confidence in letting go of fixed positions. We still have opinions and preferences, but we are not so committed to finding security in them. Learning to let go is the way to generate blessings.

With Metta,
Ajahn Munindo

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