Tuesday, 6 August 2013

NEW MOON – Tuesday 6th August 2013


The wise, being fully alive,
rejoice in appreciative awareness, 
and abide delighting in this capacity.

Dhammapada v. 22

How capable are we of truly appreciating that which is in front of us? And further, can we appreciate that which appreciates? We have the capacity to know, but do we know accurately? For the Buddha and the great disciples, awareness was unobstructed. Awareness, in and of itself, was a source of joy. They knew the range of human experiences, yet were never lost in experience. They simply knew, and their actions of body, speech and mind were an expression of this clear seeing. Our discriminating faculties mean we are able to manipulate conditions and create material comfort and safety. Are we able to stop manipulating conditions and appreciate them in their true light?

Ajahn Munindo

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