Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tibetan Nuns Project, Art Auction - Contemporary Tibetan Art Exhibition

Miya Ando, a New York based artist who is the descendant of a samurai sword maker, has donated a series of unique aluminium plate paintings to The Tibetan Nuns Project. The paintings—five in total—are inspired by the colors of Tibetan prayer flags. The backs are coated with phosphorescence, which absorbs light throughout the day and at night emits a soft halo around the paintings. “Prayer flags emanate blessings into the air,” says Ando, “and I wanted to create artworks which similarly emanated light into darkness.”

Now until tomorrow, the 23rd of August , you can bid on Ando’s Prayer Flag series via

100% of the sales from this special benefit auction will be donated directly to The Tibetan Nuns Project, which provides education and humanitarian aid to refugee nuns from Tibet and Himalayan regions of India.

Also, check out the contemporary Tibetan art  currently being exhibited at the  Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, at the State University of New York. The show is entitled "Anonymous," and explores the exchange between art and the self, a dialogue which is always in motion.

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