Wednesday, 15 January 2014

FULL MOON – Wednesday 15th January 2014


Do not show false humility.
Stand firmly in relation to your goal.
Practice, well-observed,
leads to contentment
both now and in the future.

Dhammapada 168

Contentment might arise because we don’t actually want anything. But it is also possible for our hearts to remain contented even when we do want things. For that to be true however we must want with wisdom. Wanting is a movement in mind that, if we are honest, we experience as a sort of discontentment. As long as we feel like it is ‘me’ that is wanting, then it is ‘me’ that feels discontented. And usually this same ‘me’ is driven to do something to dispel the uncomfortable feeling. When there is wisdom we cease seeking identity in the activity of mind and sense the stillness behind movement. This is the wisdom that can free us from feeling driven.

With Metta,
Bhikkhu Munindo

Durutu Poya day is the full-moon of January. This holy day celebrates the mythical first visit of the Buddha to Sri Lanka. According to the legend the Buddha visited the very place, where the present magnificent Mahiyangana Stupa was built to enshrine the Buddha's hair relics and his collar bone.

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