Monday, 13 July 2015

Fox Hunting Vote on Wednesday

You couldn't make it up, after the trauma and effort of the long battle to rid this country of the barbarity of fox hunting with dog packs finally resulted in the Hunting Act 2004 (which came into force in February 2005) the government is holding a vote this Wednesday to re-introduce this "sport".

The Act controls the hunting of wild mammals with dogs and prohibits hare coursing. It was stated in the High Court Judgement of February 2009 that the statutory aim of the Hunting Act "is to prevent or reduce unnecessary suffering to wild mammals" and that "causing suffering to animals for sport is unethical and should, so far as practicable and proportionate, be stopped".

So, if you want to keep our country free of this obscene cruelty email your M.P. and tell them to support the view of the 80% of their constituents who wish the ban to remain (it's called Democracy).

(On that note now would be an opportune moment to restate our editorial policy re: politics.

"It is Not the purpose of this site to campaign on political issues, however as a Buddhist site we will continue to promote peace and the welfare of all beings by any appropriate non-violent means".

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