Friday, 28 November 2008

Europe's Buddhist Nation

I was amazed to discover that we have a predominately Buddhist country right here in Europe! The Republic of Kalmykia is a constituent republic of the Russian Federation situated south of the Volga on the north-western shores of the Caspian Sea. The Kalmyk are a people of Mongol origin who migrated to Europe during the 16th century. Most Kalmyks throughout the world remain Tibetan/Lamaist Buddhists regarding His Holiness the Dalai Lama as their spiritual leader.


  1. Hello,

    I was amazed too, how you used copyright photographs and did not even talking about with author, made a slide-show how you liking ... and everything right here in Europe! Very well, are you from Asia?

  2. Hello) I am Julia lisnyak. My friend send me the link to your post))) It was a fun for me. Thank you for using my work) Regards

  3. Oleg I did not make the slideshow, the embed html code is freely available from the photojournal website at You will see that if you play the slideshow to the end where it clearly says "Get embed code" and also "share". So where did you get the idea that it was copyright? As for being Asian, no.

  4. Steve, I am sorry, this is a new media and you can get it everywhere on the web but not to use everywhere. That's kind rules. Anyhow, it's just a normal to ask photographer about your idea to use it as well, indeed? Well, I am not from the trade-union of photographers, I just spoke with her and she was amazed.

    You have lovely blog of Buddhism, I like it, but do you know what happens when a Buddhist becomes totally absorbed with the computer (web) he is working with? Perhaps, he enters Nirvana. But a photographer not :)
    sincerely, Oleg
    by the way, Julia's LJ:

  5. Oleg, I repeat, the photojournal website provides embed code, if they don't want people to use the code why provide it? Our site derives no profit from the use of these images but if Julia does not want them displayed (providing a wider audience for her work) she can let me know and I will happily remove them.

  6. Sorry Julia, for some reason your comment has only just popped up for moderation. Thank you for your kind remarks.