Sunday, 9 November 2008

Friends in High Places?

Barack Obama has a lot on his plate but saying the right thing must be followed by doing the right thing.

"If Tibetans are to live in harmony with the rest of China’s people, their religion and culture must be respected and protected. Tibet should enjoy genuine and meaningful autonomy. The Dalai Lama should be invited to visit China, as part of a process leading to his return." READ MORE....

Prince Charles put himself on a collision course with the Prime Minister back in February by playing host to the Dalai Lama.

The meeting took place at his London home, the day after Tibet's exiled spiritual leader was barred from visiting Number 10. READ MORE..........

And here's the afore mentioned Prime Minister meeting the Dalai Lama but at Lambeth Palace, the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury!!!!

So what's he going to be doing. Well other more "important" things, what with the credit crunch and everything. But, at least the Olympics are nicely out of the way (that's the Beijing ones not the London ones).

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