Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Dharma Downloads

I've just uploaded a guided body scan meditation by Leigh Brasington to our download site,, and noticed that they now display the number of times that any item has been downloaded. Our talks etc. as available on our Dharma Studies RESOURCES page are as follows:-

Not Self, Not No Self 32
Dependent Origination, Guy Armstrong 15
Catching Suffering Before It Happens, Ajahn Amaro 36
Wise View by Rodney Smith 11
Wise Aspiration by Rodney Smith 21
Choice Words by Steve Armstrong 12
Wise Speech by Rodney Smith 23
Wise Action by Rodney Smith 25
Wise Livelihood by Rodney Smith 18
Wise Effort by Rodney Smith 26
Wise Mindfulness by Rodney Smith 13
Wise Samadhi by Rodney Smith 11
Four talks on the Hindrances by Steve Armstrong 7 (group file)
The four Brahma Viharas, Metta 43
The four Brahma Viharas, Upekka 59
The four Brahma Viharas, Karuna 40
The four Brahma Viharas, Mudita 21

But the really impressive one is for our collection of meditation timers at 551 downloads!

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